Ultra-Spill Pallet

Ultra Spill Pallets
Ultra Spill Pallets

Ultra-Spill Pallets are built for heavy loads and convenient handling.

  • High load capacity - 6,000 lbs for 4 Drum Model and 3,000 lbs for 2 Drum Model
  • Bright, safety yellow sidewalls are translucent, offering convenient visual leak detection
  • 100% polyethylene construction - Compatible with a broad range of chemicals, including acids and corrosives

Available in:

1010 - Ultra-Spill Pallet P2
1011 - Ultra-Spill Pallet P2 with Drain
1016 - Pull Over Covers for P2 Only
1000 - Ultra-Spill Pallet P4
1001 - Ultra-Spill Pallet P4 with Drain
1006 - Pull Over Cover for P4 Only
0678 - Loading Ramp for P4 Only

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