Ultra-Spill Decks

Ultra Spill Decks
Ultra Spill DecksUltra Spill DecksUltra Spill Decks

Low profile, modular Ultra-Spill Decks allow you to design and create a containment system that meets your specific needs.

Ultra-Spill Decks are available in 1, 2 and 4 drum modules. Modules are easily connected together with bulkhead fittings to allow a virtually unlimited number of customized configurations and allow spilled liquid to flow from one module to the next.

  • Polyethylene construction meets wide range of chemical compatibility needs
  • Low profile, 5 3/4" height offers safe and convenient loading/unloading of drums
  • Applications include: Hazardous waste collection, storage of virgin chemicals, drum dispensing and battery storage

Available in:

1321 - Ultra-Spill Deck P1 Module
1086 - Ultra-Spill Deck P2 Module
1072 - Ultra-Spill Deck P4 Module
1175 - Ultra-Spill Deck P6 Module
1075 - Ultra-Spill Deck P8 Module
1089 - Ultra-Spill Deck Loading Ramp

Ultra-Inline Spill Decks are low profile "in-line" designs that save valuable floor space and comply with spill containment regulations.

  • Standard inline models include 3 drum, 4 drum, 5 drum and 6 drum configurations
  • Narrow 25 7/8" depth allows drums to be stored in a single row along facility walls which minimizes space requirements
  • Low profile design reduces safety and handling concerns found with taller containment pallets
  • Additional Spill Deck modules can easily be connected to an existing in-line configuration which allows more drums to be added to your containment area as storage needs grow

Available in:

2360 - Ultra-Inline Spill Deck 3 Drum Model
2361 - Ultra-Inline Spill Deck 4 Drum Model
2333 - Ultra-Inline Spill Deck 5 Drum Model
2334 - Ultra-Inline Spill Deck 6 Drum Model


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