Ultra-ADA Pads, Composite Model

Ultra ADA Pad - Yellow
Ultra ADA Pad - YellowUltra ADA Pad - YellowUltra ADA Pad - Brick RedUltra ADA Pad - Brick RedUltra ADA Pad - Brick Red

Low Cost Composite Pads Help Meet ADA Compliance

  • Ultra-ADA Pads are designed for the visually impaired to feel the raised, truncated domes with their feet. This, in combination with the tapping cane, can alert them to a different surface than the surrounding concrete sidewalk and an upcoming intersection
  • Two layers of gel coat provide for maximum UV resistance and color fastness
  • Continuous fibers that run throughout the Pad (including inside of the domes) make Ultra-ADA Pads the strongest and most durable pad on the market
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Available in wet-set, cast-in-place only
  • Complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)






 Ultra-ADA Pads, Composite 
 Wet-set (Cast-in-place) 

Size ft. (mm)  Yellow    Brick Red   Safety Red 
2 x 3 (610 x 914) Part #0740 Part #0744 Part #0747
2 x 4 (610 x 1,219) Part #0741 Part #0745 Part #0748
2 x 5 (610 x 1,524) Part #0742 Part #0746 Part #0749


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