Ride-Side Berm

Ride Side Berm

Ride-Side Berm is specifically designed for vehicles. Ideal for capturing liquid under vehicles, remote site refueling or temporary secondary containment around tanker trucks, the rugged design of the Ride-Side Berm will allow it to be used in the toughest environments.

  • L-shaped angle rod side walls allow operators to quickly setup the berm and provide rigid support for the non-collapsible walls
  • The Ride-Side Berm's fully collapsible design allows the berm to be stored and setup quickly without tools
  • Eyelet patches along all sides of the berm to allow for use with stakes for long term use in rugged terrain
  • Drains in all four corners allow the berm to be gravity drained quickly through a water filter system
  • Constructed of the rugged, abrasion-resistant Chem-Shield 30 oz. fabric, the standard Ride-Side Berm is suitable for containment of a variety of chemicals

Berm Options:

  • Drain Fitting - this fitting can be opened to let out accumulated rainwater, or connected to a hose to pump out spilled product
  • Mini-Ramps - allow vehicles to exit the berm while liquid is inside the berm
  • Track Belting - protects the Ride-Side Berm from heavy tracked vehicles and extends the berms life
  • RainDrain - remove hydrocarbons and additives from capture water through gravity drainage
  • High Wink Stake - anchors the berm to the ground

Fabric Options:

  • Chem-Shield - Chemical resistant fabric
  • Arctic-Shield - Chemical resistant fabric for temperatures to -50 degrees Fahrenheit/-45.6 degrees Celsius (Arctic-Shield fabric is not suitable for acids)

Available in:

152015 - Ride-Side Berm, 2800 USG, 15' L x 20' W x 15" H, Weight 180 lbs.
202015 - Ride-Side Berm, 3740 USG, 20' L x 20' W x 15" H, Weight 257 lbs.
302015 - Ride-Side Berm, 5610 USG, 30' L x 20' W x 15" H, Weight 314 lbs.
402015 - Ride-Side Berm, 7480 USG, 40' L x 20' W x 15" H, Weight 375 lbs.
502015 - Ride-Side Berm, 9350 USG, 50' L x 20' W x 15" H, Weight 428 lbs.



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