Poly-Overpack Salvage Drum

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The Poly-Overpack Salvage Drum is the safe and economical solution for the transportation and temporary storage of damaged or leaking drums of hazardous materials. Rugged, 100% UV-protected polyethylene provides protection over a wide range of chemicals including solvents, acids, poisons and explosives. Perfect for emergency response, contamination site cleanup, and spill control kits.

Available in:

1220-YE - Poly-Overpack 20 Gallon Salvage Drum
1230-YE - Poly-Overpack
30 Gallon Salvage Drum
1065-YE -
Poly-Overpack 65 Gallon Salvage Drum
1095-YE -
Poly-Overpack 95 Gallon Salvage Drum
1240-YE -
Poly-Overpack 110 Gallon Salvage Drum
1180-YE -
Poly-Overpack 180 Gallon Salvage Drum
1051-YE -
Poly-Overpack 600 Gallon Salvage Drum

Wheeled Poly-Overpacks™ are the first mobile one-piece overpack. Completely eliminate the need for a separate dolly transport the 95-gallon and the 50-gallon polyethylene UN-rated Salvage Drums. Both have built-in handles and 6” polyolefin wheels that allow for easy steering through doorways and around any obstacle. Ideal for mobile Spill Kits. A Salvage Drum and dolly all in one!

Available in:

1259-YE - Wheeled Overpack 50 Gallon Salvage Drum
1299-YE - Wheeled Overpack
95 Gallon Salvage Drum

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