Noveko Antimicrobial Mask/Respirator

The Noveko Antimicrobial Mask/Respirator offers premium personal safety for yourselves and others. They are used in labs, care facilities, institutions, home care, food services, corporate offices, daycare centers as well as at home.

Noveko Masks/Respirators incorporate a patented technology with advanced antimicrobial agents that are capable of preventing the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria. The combination of mask design, advanced filtration materials and a natural feel fabric allows the wearer to use the device comfortably and for extended periods while providing superior antimicrobial protection.

  • The antimicrobial agents are incorporated directly into the fibers of the masks
  • Each layer of material of the mask contains antimicrobial agents
  • The masks are designed to provide superior particulate, aerosol and bacterial protection while ensuring easy breathability

Available by the box with a minimum order of 1 box of 50.

NOVEKO's masks are cleared by Health Canada for sale within Canada.

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