Kwik Response Kit

Kwik Response Kit

Made with rugged portability in mind, this medium-duty kit is ideal for jobs on the move. such as logging, construction, service stations, etc. The kit comes in a durable nylon, water/oil resistant, zippered bag.

Available in:  (Oil, Universal and HazMat sorbents)

KRK - Kwik Response Kit (approx. absorption capacity 120 litres/26 gal.):
50 - sorbent pads
4 - small pillows
2 - large pillows
4 - small socks
1 - large sock
1 - plug pattie (instant stop leak)
2 - disposal bags
1 - splash goggles
1 - pair reusable nitrile gloves
1 - 
water/oil resistant, nylon bag with zipper

Dimensions: 12"L x 23"W x 20"H
Approximate weight: 17 lbs

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